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Tirupur situated 60 KM from Airport, 450 KM from a sea port has been able to Export more that Rs. 15000/- Crore worth of Knits. Kolkata is a port city and is 20 mts. drive to Airport and has low exports. As discussed the basic reason is Infrastructure. A buyer must satisfy himself that he will get his order delivered in time and should be as per his quality parameters. West Bengal with tiny units lacks in both.

Looking into this advantage and in order to promote Export from West Bengal the Association has taken up this unique Park Project to create the Infrastructure. Our vision once the park is fully operational is:

  • To have Buyer Seller meet by organising Exhibitions to draw buyers towards Kolkata.
  • To create higher capacity units so that orders can be executed from one roof.
  • If needed we can create a consortium to share large volume of order so that buyers demands can be taken care of.
  • Foremost of all to increase our Export from the region from 400/500 crores to 5000 crores by 2015.